2 Thessalonians 3 - No work = no food

Specific Text - 2 Thess. 3

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could spend every moment thinking about Jesus and anticipating His coming back? Just think of how you could dig deeper into the Bible if you didn't have the daily annoyances of jobs, chores and other demands on your time. Imagine how robust your prayer life would be if it wasn't for all of the interruptions you constantly get from people who need you to do things.

There are two big problems with that scenario. The first problem is you. Even if you could escape all of the negative aspects of daily work, your old sinful nature will still be working as hard as ever inside of you to constantly turn your focus away from God. The second problem is that you were designed to work. Work has definitely been affected by the Fall, but it is a concept that preceded the Fall. God made you to work, and you will neither find self fulfillment nor will you properly praise God if you don't work.

The Thessalonians thought that Jesus was coming soon, as in next week or maybe even tomorrow. With that being the case, they determined there wasn't much point in working since everything will quickly pass away. They were no longer doing what God created to do, and instead of using their time to draw themselves closer to God, their old sinful nature took over and caused them to bicker with each other.

The graphic above depicts an ancient Latin phrase that's attributed way back to the middle age church: Ora et Labora. The beauty of this phrase, along with passages like 2 Thessalonians 3, is that you do not need to choose between being a hard worker and a full time worshipper. Your work is a primary component of your worship, and even while you are busy at work, you can be singing and praying to God in your mind.

Prayer for the Day: Dear Father in heaven, thank you for creating me to work. I pray that through my work I will praise and glorify you. Help me to make reading your Word a key part of each day so that as I work my mind would be filled with memorized passages, psalms and prayers to you. Amen.

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