2 Thessalonians 2 - God's Assembly Line

Specific Text: 2 Thess. 2:13-1

It's been well over a century now since Henry Ford brought assembly line production to the automotive industry and changed the world. The essence of the assembly line is to maximise efficiency and reduce waste on the one hand, and increase uniformity from one car to the next on the other. Ever since then, the manufacturing process has improved to the point where most of it is automated and performed by specially designed machines.

Today's passage gives some insight as to how God assembles people like you into citizens of His Kingdom. This is the same God who spoke the entire universe into existence, which is the ultimate in manufacturing efficiency. But God chose a different method to build you up, a method that is by design much less efficient and can be quite labor intensive.

First of all, v13 indicates that God has been planning you for a very long time; from the beginning, in fact, so right off the bat you can see that He's not in a hurry and will not be rushed as He assembles you. This does not change the fact that you were born into an unacceptable relationship with God, but He has a process of peeling off this contamination of sin called sanctification. But once again, efficiency is not the goal of this process either. It will take an entire lifetime of focused work by the Holy Spirit for you to be prepared for an eternity in God's Kingdom.

This passage also shows you that you're not a passive block of materials automatically advancing from one stage to another along a conveyor belt. God wants you to

Stand firm and hold fast to the teachings that have been passed on to you (v15).

In other words, you are to participate in the manufacturing process though your daily exercise of Spiritual Disciplines (even your efforts are a product of God's grace, since He gives you the strength to participate).

God's assembly line is preparing you for one eternal goal:

That you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father, what a blessing it is to know that you've been planning my assembly from the beginning. Help me to patiently cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He works to sanctify me, and help me to stand firm and hold fast to the teachings that I have been given. Amen.

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