2 Thessalonians 1 - Made Worthy

Specific Text - 2 Thess 1

That thorny question never seems to go away. Why does our good, all powerful God allow bad things to happen? The Thessalonians had really good reasons to ask this question. They had done their best to live as God commanded them, but they were experiencing some of the most intense, bloody persecution possible. Why was God allowing these bad things to continue?

Once again, we don't get a total answer to this question, but Paul does give some insight to it in vs. 11-12. First of all, Paul writes these things happen in order to "make you worthy of God's calling." This actually shows God's grace at work. Notice that He doesn't require you to make yourself worthy of God's kingdom, God will use events that occur to transform you and make you more like Christ. Difficult times cause you to rely less on your own strength, and more on God's strength.

Secondly, whether it's times of blessing, or times of great disaster and grief, God's purpose in you remains the same: "that the name of our Lord Jesus might be glorified in you. These terrible things that happened to the Thessalonians happened thousands of years ago, but yet when we read how God was able to give them strength and perseverance, we still glorify Him because of it! Always remember that the way you respond to events in your life, whether good or bad, will either detract from or glorify the name of Jesus. Commit yourself to being made worthy through God's grace at work in your life.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Lord, thank you so much for the tremendous blessings in my life. Help me to accept that when things do not go well, I may never know exactly why, but also help me in those moments to be made worthy of your kingdom through the grace you have promised to provide. Amen.

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