2 John - Watch Out For The Antichrist

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Specific Text: 2 John 7-11

What do you think of when you hear the word 'antichrist?' Perhaps some sort of hideous creature with horns, fangs, and a pitchfork in its hand? I suppose an antichrist could look like that, but that's not how John describes it.

His definition of an antichrist is pretty broad: anyone who does not acknowledge Jesus Christ is a deceiver and an antichrist. It's easy to see how an evil terrorist or greedy criminal could fit the mold, but according to John's definition, even a sweet old lady who doesn't know Jesus is an antichrist!

John's instructions for dealing with a person like this are harsh, but they are quite consistent with what we have seen from other areas of the Bible: do not have anything to do with them! Just by welcoming these people into your home means that you are "sharing with that person in their wicked work." (v11).

Once again the Bible presents us with tension. We are called to love other people, and to share the peace of Jesus with them. This means forming relationships with non Christians and showing them genuine friendship. But at all times you must feel the pull of this passage from 2 John, and others like it, that command us to keep our distance from people who do not know Jesus Christ.

If you can feel yourself being pulled in two opposite directions - one force pulling you to love and care for non believers, and another pulling equally as strong in the other direction telling you to flee from them, chances are you have a good grasp on God's Word. If you're only feeling that force pulling you in one direction, then you need to spend some time meditating on passages that counteract that force in the opposite direction.

Keep sharing the peace of Jesus that you have experienced, but far more importantly, keep yourself surrounded by solid Christian friends who are strongly rooted along with you in God's Word. The more you do this, the more you will be able to be a good witness to those who desperately need it.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father in heaven, thank you for the friends you have given me. I pray for my friends that do not know you. Use me as an instrument to share your peace and grace with them, but also help me to remember that such people can pull me away from you. Thank you even more for my Christian friends who help build me up and reinforce the solid foundation you have provided for me. Amen.

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