2 Cor. 9 - It's Easy To Be Eager

Specific Text: 2 Corinthians 9:1-8

It's always easy to be eager. Every January everybody eagerly makes New Year's resolutions. People eagerly join teams and commit to going to practice or meetings. When we encounter a friend who's going through difficulties we eagerly tell them that we will pray for them.

But eagerness will not sustain action. It's May now, and the January resolutions have been forgotten. The teams we eagerly joined lost their luster when the hard work became evident. Those prayers we were so eager to offer fell victim to the constant drone of distractions.

If this pattern of eagerness giving way to emptiness describes you, don't worry... you're normal. This is part of our fallen human nature, and it afflicts everyone. The Corinthians were very eager to help the Christians they had never met who were suffering from a famine. They genuinely cared and wanted to get involved.

But Paul knew that no matter how genuine their concern was, it would be too easily forgotten, so Paul sent some men to help push the Corinthians towards the finish line v5). The point is that we all need help fulfilling the good desires God gave us to serve His kingdom.

This is why we come together as a church instead of trying to live independently. This is also why we practice spiritual disciplines - practices that might seem rote and boring, but which actually keep us focused on fulfilling the purpose for which God created and redeemed us: abounding in every good work (v8).

Reading God's Word and meditating on it are huge aspects of spiritual discipline. Keep your habit strong so that you can have the satisfaction of seeing to completion the good things God is causing you to eagerly desire.

Prayer For The Day: Father in heaven, I truly do want to serve you by accomplishing the things you've caused me to eagerly desire. Thank you for the structures and disciplines you've placed in my life - family, church, Bible reading, prayer and others - that help keep my focus on fulfilling the purpose you have for me. Amen.

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