2 Cor. 6 - Unequally Yoked

Specific Text: 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

This would not be a good idea if you want to get any work done.

God has demonstrated a particular pattern all throughout the Bible. He identifies and calls His people (in theology we call this election), and then He immediately begins to separate them from the rest of the world. He put Noah on the ark. He told Abraham to move to a far off land. He freed the Israelites from the Egyptians and then moved them out. As a Christian - a person who has been placed in Christ - you are certainly one of God's chosen people, so like Noah, Abraham and the Israelites, you must be separated from the world.

But it's different for you in the fact that there is no physical separation between you and the world. You don't need to get on an ark, go off into the wilderness, or fight Canaanites to live in the promised land. You are called to live as a saint but you will be constantly surrounded by sinners.

You are called to bring God's light to these sinners, to serve them and love them as Christ loved you. But today Paul warns you not to get too close to them. Don't get 'yoked' to them, because they will pull you in a different direction than what God is calling you. When you join yourself to them in the form of deep relationships, at best they will slow down your sanctification (the process of looking more and more like Jesus), and at worse you'll be drug farther and farther from God and His people (the church).

This is very difficult to do. You need to share the peace of Jesus with unbelievers, and doing that well means forming solid, genuine friendships with them. But guard your close relationships carefully: the people you date, the really deep friendships you form; in other words, the people you yoke yourself to. Make sure these are people who will pull in the same direction you do.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father in heaven, thank you for choosing me to belong to you. Thank you that you have separated me to be your own, and I pray that I would go about the hard work of making myself look more like Jesus each day. Bless my relationships. Help me to genuinely love those who do not yet belong to you, but n my closest relationships help me to connect myself to like minded Christians who will help build me up. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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