2 Cor. 3 - Move That Bus!

Specific Text: 2 Cor. 3:12-18

Remember that TV show that was on a few years ago where the high energy crew would all of the sudden show up at somebody's dilapidated house and begin a extreme makeover? After a week of round the clock work by hundreds of people, the entirely new house was ready for unveiling. The residents, who were sent on vacation all week, came back, but the Extreme Makeover bus blocked the view of their new home. The the host would scream into his megaphone, "MOVE THAT BUS!"

This is a very similar process to what's going on in your life. The Holy Spirit showed up in your dilapidated heart one day and began an extreme makeover. But in this instance the bus is at the beginning of the episode, blocking our view and understanding of who Jesus is. In a sense, the Holy Spirit exclaims, "MOVE THAT BUS!" Look at what happens to you in v18 when that bus is moved!

The problem is that your sinful nature is always trying to block your view - to put the bus back in between you and Jesus. You get tempted to skip reading the Bible, to not spend time praying, to not come to church. v14 illustrates what happens to us when our view gets blocked. Don't let that bus back into the picture.

The makeover occuring in your heart is more impressive than any mega-home, but it takes longer than a week. And you don't get to go on vacation during the remodel; the Spirit has equipped you to do much of the work in partnership with the church! You will spend the rest of your life being perfected into the most important residence of all - the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for the Day - Dear Father, thank you for the work you are doing in my heart. Help me to resist the temptation to block my view of you by crowding my life with way too many distractions. Equip me to work hard along with you as you transform my life. Amen.

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