2 Cor. 11 - Glamorous Preachers

Specific Text: 2 Corinthians 11:12-15

Yesterday we saw that the Apostle Paul was not a very exciting speaker, but Paul knew that a person does not need to rely on good showmanship to help share the peace of Jesus Christ. In chapter 11, he continues to build on this theme.

But we always want more of everything. We even want more and more insight and revelation from God. Certainly it's a good thing to want more of God, but we need to experience God on His terms. This was the mistake Adam & Eve made; they weren't content with the daily relationship they had with God, so they believed the lie that they could elevate themselves into God's presence.

This unhealthy quest for more is so deeply embedded into our nature that it has been part of the church since the very beginning. Paul sarcastically called these guys 'Super Apostles' (v5). They were polished performers who looked good, sounded good, and put on a moving, emotionally charged show everytime they preached. Unfortunately, this trend is still with us today. It's important that our worship services be crisp and well done, especially when we have the resources to do it, but the problem is that soon the giant video screens, lights and even smoke machines begin to take over. The worship experience begins to be dominated by chiseled, good looking worship leaders, and soon it's the medium rather than the message that people are coming to see.

This is exactly what Paul was warning the Corinthians against. The Gospel is a message that carries itself. It is a message that seems like foolishness to the world, so it does not need to rely on the world's slick, polished ways to be communicated. This is why, while on one hand, we strive to give God our best in our worship services, the structure and form of our services will always be plain and simple so as to not get in the way of the gospel message.

But plain & simple does not mean boring. When we gather together to worship and hear God's Word proclaimed we are in the very presence of God, and are hearing God's voice speaking directly to us! It's Wednesday - half way through the week - so begin to eagerly anticipate coming back together on the Lord's Day to simply worship Him in His presence and hear Him speak to you.

Prayer For The Day - Dear God, thank you for the way you have revealed yourself to me. Increase my appetite to know you better and deeper, but also keep me satisfied to know and experience you only in the ways you have prescribed for me. Thank you for my church and help me to eagerly anticipate gathering to worship you once again this Sunday.

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