2 Cor. 10 - Church is Boring!?

Specific Text: 2 Corinthians 10:1-6

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to hear the Apostle Paul speak live and in person? Some of our boldest claims about what God has done for us are based from what Paul wrote, so to hear him speak must have been an amazing experience.

But he wasn't that impressive in person. Remember the story of Euytchus back in Acts? Paul was in town, and speaking to a large crowd, but apparently he wasn't a very dynamic speaker because poor Eutychus, who happened to be sitting in a window sill, fell sound asleep and fell backwards three stories down to the ground. Think of how bored a person needs to be to fall asleep while perched in a window sill 30 feet up in the air!

Paul even admits he was not a very exciting guy to listen to in today's chapter (10:10). The point here is that if you have ever thought that church is a little boring at times, you're not the first person to come to that conclusion. People have been bored in church since day one.

The reason it's so easy to be bored is because far too often we focus on the messenger and not the message. We want everything to meet our worldly standards- fast paced, exciting, motivating, and even entertaining. We're so used to everything else being that way that these standards have become ingrained into our nature.

But once again Paul is pointing you away from worldly standards and focusing your attention on seeing things as God sees them. Once again, Paul is using aggressive language about war and weaponry to describe the Christian life. He says that in Christ you have 'divine power to demolish strongholds and arguments and every idea that sets itself up against God so that we can take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ!' This doesn't sound boring at all!

The reason you attend church is to reorient your mind and thoughts toward heaven. This is not always exciting according to the world's idea of excitement, so remember to keep your attention focused on the message, not the messenger.

Prayer For The Day: Dear God, thank you for the gospel - the good news in the Bible that comes with tremendous power. Forgive me for the times where I look at this power from the world's perspective and become bored with it. I pray you keep my attention focused on you and the power of your Word. Amen.

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