1 Tim. 3 - Church is no Battle Royale

Updated: May 15, 2019

Specific Text - 1 Tim 3:14-15

We all know what happens when order falls apart. Anarchy quickly takes over. Each person dissolves to their own self interests.

Just because the church happens to be the bride of Christ (which is what the Bible calls it) does not mean that it's immune from the selfish effects of sin. If proper leadership is not found in the church, each person dissolves into their own self interest rather than working to build up the body.

This is why God has designed the church to be led by elders and deacons. The first 13 verses of this chapter talk the qualifications these men must have, and the emphasis is on having exemplary character. People can not lead other people where they are not willing to go themselves.

It may not seem apparent to you the importance of our elders & deacons, and you may not even know what they do for you or the hours they spend meeting together and working for the church's benefit. These men are called to their office because of the strong character they've exhibited in their lives, so you can depend on them to lead the congregation in a positive direction.

Because of the confidence you can have in your leaders, you have an obligation to respect and follow. This is not a popular concept either, as we live in an age where everybody wants to do their own thing. It's an individualist age... an age where everyone dissolves to their own self interests.

Be thankful for the leaders you've been given. Encourage and support them. Listen to and be lead by them. God has put these men in place to bring you closer to Him.

Prayer For the Day: Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for my church. Thank you for raising godly men to lead it. I pray that you bless them, so they can do their job well so that they can be a blessing to me. Amen

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