1 Peter 4 - The End Is Near

Specific Text: 1 Peter 4:7-11

The phrase 'the end is near' conjures up all sorts of fateful images of people rushing around frantically trying to brace themselves for whatever come next. Peter seems to bolster this idea when he writes, 'the end is near, so be alert and of sober mind' (remember we can translate that as 'prepare your mind for action'). But Peter doesn't tell you to quickly get yourself ready, rather he turns your attention towards God:

Be alert, prepare your mind for action, so that you may pray! 1 Pt. 4.7

Today God is teaching you that the 'end times' are not something to be afraid of or fear. Rather, they are something to embrace, and surprise! You are living in the end times right now! Ever since Jesus rose from the dead and removed the barrier between God and man, God is ready to bring all things to an end. Whether He waits 2 more weeks or 2,000 more years is up to Him. The point is you need to be ready to go right now.

This is why praying is such a key aspect to preparing for the end times. As you pray, your life becomes more and more open to God's will, and your character becomes more and more like His. So it's quite logical for Peter to instruct you to pray in v7, and then immediately encourage you to love each other deeply in v8.

As somebody who has been redeemed and fully justified by the blood of Christ, you have nothing to fear when the final trumpet blasts. By God's grace, you are ready! So instead of trying to save your own skin, Peter wants you to follow the pattern he's laid out in the first three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - Realize your value as a re-born child of God;

  • Chapter 2 - Realize that as one who is God's special possession, that you are to submit yourselves to all authorities because you know that all authorities are under God's authority;

  • Chapter 3 - If you are called to suffer for doing good, remember that Jesus suffered for you;

  • TODAY: You fulfill all of this by loving others and using your gifts to serve them.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father God, help me to eagerly anticipate the day when you bring all things to an end, because you have promised to make all things new again. Help me to spend the remainder of my time, whether that's days, years or decades, loving those around me and using my gifts to serve and build them up. Amen.

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