1 Peter 1 - Do You Realize What You Have?

Specific Text - 1 Peter 1:10-12, 2:1-3

For those of you who were in Youth Group this past spring, 1st Peter should look very familiar to you. Remember that it is a book written to people like us. Peter calls us "God's elect exiles," people God chose before creation, but who are now scattered through a world that is not our home. We didn't get to cover every aspect of 1st Peter in Youth Group, and today's verses are ones we had to skip.

Amos; Obadiah; Nahum; Daniel; Ezekiel. All of these are Old Testament prophets. They lived thousands of years before Jesus, were from cultures that were almost as different as possible from our own, and wrote things that are difficult to comprehend and understand.

In some cases, these prophets were speaking to people who were, like us, exiles, and wrote to comfort God's people. In other cases they were taking a prophetic stand against their friends and neighbors, calling them to abandon their godless lifestyles and return to the true God. In either case, it doesn't seem like this has much to do with you and me.

But Peter corrects this misunderstanding. He writes to us that these prophets were not serving themselves, but that they were serving you! They tell you of a loving God who keeps His Covenant even though His people turn their back on Him over and over. They point forward to a concept they called The Day of the LORD in which God would triumphantly return and put and end to all that is evil.

They also wrote to point forward to an idea they couldn't quite fully explain, but yet remained their primary focus. They knew a savior would come, but didn't know when, where, or what this savior would be like. They "searched intently and with the greatest care," and would have given everything they had to know more about this savior.

This is the amazing part - you have been told about the Savior! You've been given this information that is worth more than anything! In fact, Peter writes that "even the angels long to look into these things!"

Peter closes this section in 2:2 by telling you how to treat this invaluable gift that you've been given: get rid of the garbage in your life and "like a newborn baby, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation." In other words, this is a gift where it's not wrong to want more than you have. Keep adding to the deposit of faith that you've been given!

Prayer For The Day - Father God, thank you for giving me your Holy Spirit, and for giving me your Word. Forgive me for taking these gifts for granted, and kindle in me a desire to constantly learn more about my Savior. Help me to eliminate the garbage in my life and focus more and more on You and Your truth. Amen.

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