1 Cor. 3: Mixed Metaphors

Today's Chapter: 1 Cor. 3

Specific Text: 1 Cor 3:5-16

Growing a crop -> constructing a building -> fiery test -> being a temple. Paul rapidly jumps from one metaphor to another in this passage. You can sense his excitement here, almost like a little kid who comes home from an exciting adventure and tries to tell you everything that happened all at once.

Let's take a step back here and look at the broader theme. God is the prime mover, the power who is at work in you. God builds on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ, but the process is not entirely supernatural. God uses ordinary means in order to build you into His temple: He uses ordinary people - friends, counselors, teachers, pastors, parents, coaches - to help build you up, all of whom are "co-workers in God's service."

Not only does God use ordinary people to build you up, He expects you to be at work in this process as well! Of course Jesus is the foundation, and nothing will ever break that up, but the work you and others do as you build your life will be put to the test, and if your work survives, you will receive a reward.

Prayer For The Day: Father in heaven, thank you for the people you have put into my life who are at work building me up into your temple. Help me to work hard as well, by faithfully reading your Word, attending church, and building others up that you have put around me. Thank you for being a firm foundation that will never fail. Amen.

Discussion Starter: Share a prayer request that you or someone close to you has that the rest of the group can pray for.

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