1 Cor. 12 - Eagerly Desire

Today's Chapter: 1 Corinthians 12

Specific Text: 1 Cor. 12:12-31

Now eagerly desire the greater gifts. -- 1 Cor. 12:31

What is it that you 'eagerly desire?' To perform well in a big game? To score high on an upcoming test? To get into a certain college program, or maybe just to graduate from high school? You know what it takes to accomplish these things: hard work, determination, and putting in hours when everyone else has gone home.

This is the same tenacity that Paul wants you take to your life in Christ.

Paul likes this analogy of the church being similar to a body; he uses it in a couple of different letters. He wants you to know how important the church is to you: without it you can't really do much, but when you join your talents to a group of Christians both you and they will prosper. Although it may not seem like much to you, you contribute something to the Body, and every part is vitally important. It seems like Paul just wants everybody to feel good about the role they play and to not be jealous of those who seem to have more prominent parts in the Body.

Except for that last sentence... Paul writes that you must eagerly desire the greater gifts. In other words, don't be content with the way you're currently serving the church. Strive for more. Develop the skills you have and push yourself to the next level. Use the same tenacity, drive and determination you use to excel at other areas of life to build your gifts in the church.

Take your Christian life to the next level. Read the Bible more and more. If you're just reading the specific verses related to each devotional, read the whole chapter. If you're reading the whole chapter, start to look at the context surrounding each chapter. How does it relate to what's around it? Start to discuss it; teach others what you've been learning. Make being a disciple your top priority in life, in fact you must eagerly desire this.

You can be content at the same time you eagerly desire something - we do that in all sorts of areas of life. You must be content with the role God has given you right now in the body, but always be eagerly desiring to serve God in bigger and better ways.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father in Heaven, thank you once again for placing me in this body called the church. Help my focus to be using the abilities you gave me to build others up, and thank you that I have seen how those around me are building me up. Create a strong desire in me to continually develop my skills so that I can be a stronger and stronger part of your Body, the Church. Amen.

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