Missionaries We Support

God has called on our church to support the work of missionaries all over the world. He’s even called some of our own members to the mission field, as well as to the service of the United States.

Supporting these missionaries & servicemen means more than just writing a check. Take time to uphold them in prayer and also send them some e- mails. They will be delighted to hear from you!

  • Petra Wirrell  is now serving in Chad.  You can email and encourage her at petra@wirrell.com

  • Samuel & Brenda Souleymane are serving in West Africa.  Contact them at bsouleymane@worldrenew.net

  • Stan and Bessie Kruis have recently returned to the Philippines.  Contact information is: skruis@crcna.org

  • Benjamin & Tricia Groenewold serving as professors in Lithuania.  Contact information is: BGroenewold@icscanada.edu

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