This isn't forever. 

Just for now. 

Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church COVID-19 Plan for Worship

Your spiritual care and physical safety are our primary concerns and we take this responsibility very seriously, so we ask for your patience as we navigate Sunnyside CRC through this pandemic.  There will be many significant changes as we begin worshipping together again, so please read through this carefully.


  • Sunnyside CRC time is 10:30 a.m.

    • Per state guidelines, we can accommodate up to 50% of the sanctuary capacity (391 people).  

    • There will be overflow in the chapel (primarily made available for families with young children should they prefer a more child friendly atmosphere).  The chapel can accommodate another 124 people.

    • The entire 10:30 a.m. service will be live-streamed at

  • To help us keep you and others in the congregation safe, and to keep us in compliance with Washington state requirements, we are going to ask you to self-screen and take seriously the following requests:

    • Anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is running a fever of 100.4° may not attend the service [WA Requirement #15]

    • Anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the previous two weeks is asked to stay home.

    • Anyone who is considered "high risk" is encouraged to stay home.

    • Anyone with pre-existing medical conditions is strongly encouraged to stay home.

  • Per Washington state requirements, all members, and visitors attending worship will be required to wear a mask or protective face covering before entering the building and throughout the service.  [WA Requirement #4] 

    • We will sing, but per Washington state requirements, masks must remain on during singing. [WA Requirement #6]

    • The following exceptions to mask wearing apply: Children age 1 and younger (parents should work with children ages 2, 3, and 4 to wear a face-covering if possible, but it is not required); people who have disabilities that prevent them from comfortably wearing or taking off face coverings OR disabilities that prevent them from communicating while wearing face coverings; people who have respiratory conditions or breathing trouble; people who have been told by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional not to wear face coverings; people who are communicating with others who are deaf or hard of hearing; those who are speaking, or leading worship in front of an audience may remove their mask for the time they are speaking as long as they are socially distanced from the crowd.

    • Remember, you are showing consideration to your fellow worshippers by wearing a mask.

  • Greeters and Hosts

    • A council member will greet at the door with facial covering and sanitizer.

    • Please refrain from shaking hands.

  • Sanctuary Seating & Usher Service [all per WA Requirements]

    • Please maintain 6’ social distancing while waiting to be ushered to your seat.

    • Alternating pews will be used and alternating sides.

    • Because we will be blocking some pews, you may not get your “usual” seat, so please be seated where the ushers places you.

    • Ushers will seat families who live together in the same pew.

    • After the service, seating sections will leave by section either through the rear sanctuary door or an exit door to the outside (whichever is closest that section).

  • Offering

    • Offering plates will be placed on stands as you enter and leave the sanctuary.

    • You may continue to give online or mail in your offerings.

  • Nursery Service & Children in Worship

    • Nursery is now open with the following requirements:

      • Children will have a "health check" (which includes questions about symptoms and a forehead temperature reading) upon entry. 

      • All volunteer attendants, as well as any parent who chooses to remain in the nursery with their child, will be asked to wear a face shield (disposable face shields will be provided). 

    • Families with young children may worship in the chapel if they prefer to.

  • Coffee & Cookie Service

    • Unfortunately, postponed until further notice. [WA Requirement #5]

  • Mailboxes

    • Closed until further notice.

    • Relevant information will be emailed to you, or if you do not have an email address, it will be physically mailed to you.

  • Restrooms

    • Restroom use will be limited to no more than 2 people at a time.  Individuals waiting to use the restroom must maintain a distance of 6 feet between each person. [WA Requirements #7]

  • Library and classrooms

    • There will be no access to the library or classrooms until further notice.

  • Cleaning and Sanitation

    • High traffic and high use areas of the sanctuary (such as pew armrests, door handles, etc.) will be sanitized between services.  [WA Requirement #10].

    • Restrooms will be disinfected between services. [WA Requirement #10]

    • Hand sanitizer will be available at various places in the Gathering Area. [WA Requirement #8]

    • Trash cans for tissues will be placed in the sanctuary and Gathering Area [WA Requirement #14]

  • COVID-19 safety information, such as CDC, DOH, OSHA posters are displayed in the Gathering Area on the mailboxes.  [WA Requirement #2]

  • These plans are subject to change based on recommendations from the health authorities, the state, and the knowledge that comes from experience.

Again, we ask for your patience and understanding during this challenging and difficult time as we seek to do what is best for the church body. 


The SCRC Council & Board of Trustees